In today’s constantly changing world, you must be able to adapt quickly if you want to outperform your competitors. Mad-Alex helps you achieve your business goals.


Getting the analysis right is key to successful projects. Our consultancy service offers access to some of the most experienced Business Analysts and Project Managers. If it touches technology, Mad-Alex has a service to design, implement, and support it.


Technology strategy is a primary driver of the physical to digital transformation; the analytics that capture customer insights and drive product and brand extensions; and the envisioning of cloud-enabled business models that open the door to new revenue streams.

Welcome to Mad-Alex!

Mad-Alex Business Consulting brings extensive experience to help businesses align technology strategy with organizational value.

Mad-Alex Business Consulting provide expertise at the intersection of business and technology, supporting our clients in enhancing competitiveness and creating new sources of economic value.

That’s where we can help. Our Technology Strategy & Architecture practice possesses the depth of talent, breadth of experience and knowledge of current and emerging technology to assist business innovatively embrace change while maintaining overall operational stability and security.

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